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I have been riding BMX and MTB for many years and I will always remember how I got to where I am today, the journey I took from a farm worker in Costa Rica, to top 10 in the Pro-Elite ranks in MTB in the United States.

It all began with BMX flatland which gave me a chance to escape the bad hard reality of my house and my neighborhood as well as a chance to become someone in the world of cycling.

I started to train at the early age of 12 with a bike my mom got me for Christmas. After about 4 years of riding I was ready to present my tricks in competition. Shortly after a few contest I was line up with full sponsorship from the local Costa Rica GT bikes distributor, shows contest and nationals you name it, I was there. After placing 1st in Nationals for 3 consecutive years 97, 98 and 99 I knew I was ready to move onto something bigger... something closer....my dream..... competing at the highest level, The X-Games! The USA!

X-Games represents the Olympic games of extreme sports and I knew that I could earn a spot of the 20 they had based on world rankings.

With $0 in my bank account, and supporting a family struggling to barely cover the basics. I knew that I had to take a bigger challenge for a better life for myself and family. In order to travel to America, I needed to save $2,000 while helping my mother provide for the family. I was informed about an opportunity to work for Del Monte with a base salary of $65.00 per week. Going from a city boy to farm worker was very tough. With a lot of determination I focused on my goal, held my head up high and repeated my newly found motto:

Life is hard, and if you want something you need to get out there and get it.

I knew better days were coming and every time I doubted myself I would picture the riders in magazines, TV and videos. This got me through some hard days working, realizing my passion.... I only became stronger. After 9 months of farming and saving every cent, I walked away with the $2,000.00 in my pocket, enough to travel to the United States and look for a sponsorship opportunity. I headed to San Francisco with nothing but a small bag of clothes and a bike. I started to ride with the locals and learn their secrets to riding. After riding and meeting the local folks, I entered competitions my first year in the USA. The level here was much better than back home and I knew I had to get better to win and earn a spot at the X-Games. I rode very hard for the following season, 3-4 even 6 hours a day, you could find me on the bike reaching for my dream.

Early 2002 I was ready to present my tricks at the prestigious Matt Hoffman C.F.B contest series. By the end of 2002 I was crowned as the best amateur in the whole of the United States. I entered my first Pro event late in 2002 I started to earn points and by mid 2003 I made it into the X-Games and earned 14th overall and top 20 in the world rankings.

A year after the X-Games my good friend Doug Andrews from www.geoladders.com invited me to go on a MTB ride with him, I was happy to try something new and took his invite and went along for the ride. At first it was really hard to maneuver the bigger bike and I crashed several times, but after a few more rides it grew on me and I started to train on my own 2-3 times per week. Eventually, May 2004 had arrived, and I was ready to line up with the other riders at a local race. A little out of my league, it was my first time competing in this side of the sport. With nothing but my bike, BMX helmet, platform shoes, pants, t-shirt and a bead of sweat across my forehead, I was determined to do well in this race. I took off raced my heart out and could not win, but this only determined me more. I did not give up and trained even harder. Three months later during August I entered the second race.... and won. This got me pumped up and all I could think about was to compete at a race in my home town in Costa Rica witch happened to be the "toughest MTB race in the world", La Ruta de los Conquistadores 3 day Stage Race. Day one, 100km and over 15,000 feet elevation gain. I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. With each stride I could feel my muscles aching, but that only made me stronger. Suddenly 25 km into the race my rear derailleur shattered into pieces, this would not stop me, I put my bike into single speed and made it to the end with a little help from mechanics along the way. "I didn't come here to quit", I kept telling myself and finally ended the competition in the top 50 out of 400 riders. I entered this race a few more times, and I have worked harder and stronger to be in the top 5, I will keep striving until I reach number one.

After the stage race I came back to California to compete, now with more experience. I've met Sho-Air's President Scott Tedro as he was looking for help in getting fit and weight loss. We had so much in common; I gave him training tips, and went for a ride with him. Our first ride really showed his determination as well as a strong will to get healthy. We rode 8 miles, 3,000 foot fire road climb and talked about his goal of losing 50 pounds and regaining his health. We shared our dreams and Scott believed in my goals so much, the Sho Air team was born. Four years later Sho-Air has been represented in magazine articles and plenty of races. I wear the colors of Sho-Air proudly and Scott, well he has believed in me and the team. Not only did he lose the 50 pounds, during 2007 he became National Champion as well as the California State Champion. I appreciate the opportunity Scott gave me with a sponsorship.

I raced as a Semi-Pro for 3 complete seasons and after a tremendous 2007 where I was ranked as the #1 amateur in the USA I made the move to the Pro-Elite level. With the understanding of how hard I need to work and a mind-set of a Champion, I took on the challenge. I have now reached my destiny, I became a recognize name in Cross Country as well as Endurance Mountain Bike racing. Winning the La Ruta de los Conquistadores race in 2009, Costa Rica National XCO Champion, top 8th in the premiere NORBA-NMBS series a 3rd Overall at the Leadville 100 right behind Lance Armstrong as well as top 5 at the best stage races in the Continent I am ready to continue to make a good name for myself as well as for those who support my dreams and goals.

Join me on my journey to become one of the best bike riders in world.
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